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Key-Holding / 24-hour Response

With a wealth of experience gained during our many years in the business we are the first choice when it comes to Key-Holding.

Our response time is second to none due to the vast amount of ongoing contracts we have secured throughout the North West over the years. Do you really want to take the risk?

Our guards are fully trained to deal with difficult situations and know how to react, giving you full peace of mind that you will not find yourself in this predicament. Just think, no more interrupted meal times or missed days out with the family or friends. Give the keys to us and enjoy your leisure time. After all, I am sure you spend enough time at work as it is. This service is fast becoming our most popular as it is the most costeffective way to secure your premises.

Nowadays, most businesses rely on control rooms to monitor the on-site cameras. Unfortunately, this service alone has proven to be insufficient as the control room are only a monitoring service and cannot prevent a crime taking place.

This is where we come in
The control room will call us if they have an alarm activation or if they see anyone on the cameras. We then attend the site and make sure everything is secure and that there are no intruders on site. We will then make a report which will be forwarded to you.

Static Guards - Corporate Division

This service offers you complete peace of mind around the clock. You choose the hours you wish the building to be manned depending on your company's individual needs. Warehouses and Outdoor Sites Mobile Patrol Units

This service is geared towards the client that needs to use us on a more periodical basis. We will visit your premises randomly, at times specified by yourself.
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